At Highgate School, we offer English and Contemporary Japanese classes for students. These Japanese classes have been established to provide you with natural Japanese expression in both speaking and writing. We offer a choice of 3 curriculums to best suit your needs and goals.

In our Japanese classes, native Japanese instructors teach natural Japanese,and are able to give detailed explanations in English to foster your understanding of Japanese expressions and their meaning and usage.

Please download Skype or Web RTC (Whereby)for the lesson, and make sure your computer can use the system. To use Whereby with your smartphone or iPad, you need to download the app on your device. Also, please check the time difference between Japan and your country when you arrange the lesson schedule.

School coordinator and head instructor

Yoshitaka Iwamoto

Hello everyone! I am an arts major born and raised in Tokushima, Japan. I spent three years in the UK at Central Saint Martins art college in London and completed a 5 month residency at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea. I’ve been teaching English and Japanese for 5 years for both individual and group classes. I recently passed the Japanese Eiken Test at Grade 1(equivalent to TOEIC 900 or C2 level in the CEFR).

My teaching experience has taught me how to identify students weaker linguistic areas and customize my lessons to their individual needs. I’m confident teaching Japanese in both my native language and in English. I am helpful and approachable and look forward to speaking with you!


please send message to the address below. We will arrange a free counseling session and make a study plan.

Upon completion and return of the personal information form,you can finish the payment via Coiney or PayPal.

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We have three types of lesson. Please choose a suitable class for you.

  • Elementary Class

    This class is for students who want to study basic Japanese expressions and alphabets, or students who are planning to travel to Japan and want to gain daily conversation skill.

  • Intermediate Class

    This class is for students who want to improve their current vocabulary and grammar in Japanese. This class is suitable for those who have studied Japanese more than 3 years, or may have lived in Japan.

  • Advanced Class

    This class is for students who want to study complicated expressions or higher level kanji, or those who are interested in reading books or newspapers in Japanese.

Lessons: 30 minutes / 1 lesson
4 times 11,000 yen



Please read our Terms of Service carefully.

Terms of Service

We arrange the lesson schedule in Japanese time (JST). Please take note of changing time differences (daylight savings countries). All payments should be made in Japanese yen. Please be aware of changing exchange rates, as lesson fees in your native currency may be subject to minor changes at any time.

We will send a payment link at the beginning of the month. Please complete the payment within 5 days of receiving the payment link. If we cannot confirm your payment, your lesson will be cancelled.

Please send us a message if you want to change the date or time of lessons at least 3 days before your class. Your lesson will be rearranged. Classes cancelled the same day will not be rearranged but will still be charged.

If you want to withdraw from our school, please notify us at least one month before your final lesson.

If there are problems with the internet connection or other technical difficulties, and the lesson cannot be continued, we will rearrange the lesson.

We will never disclose your personal information to any third party.